Profile Photo: Hannah Penney


  • Resident Assistant

  • Class of 2020

  • Business Management B.A.

  • Describe your position as it relates/fits into the overall IMPACT structure

I am resident assistant (RA) and absolutely love it! There are many IMPACT positions that allow students to lead in different areas of the campus life. As an RA I get to lead and serve students in the residence halls, which encompasses so many things from planning events for them and checking on them if they are not feeling well, to referring them to writing center or math lab when they need homework help. My job ensures that my students are growing and doing well in dorm life so that they can go conquer their academics and any other activity they are involved. I am blessed to be somewhat of a home base for the rest of my students’ college life.

  • What made you want to be involved in IMPACT leadership on campus?

Throughout the three and a half years I have been at college, I have had very influential people in my life, spiritually and socially, that were and are a part of IMPACT. I knew I wanted to help and encourage others like I had been. I felt that for me, to reach that goal meant applying for Resident Assistant. People are one of the investment that I could ever make, so why not start now and invest in those lives on my res hall floor.

  • Why is student leadership on a college campus important? 

Student leadership at college is invaluable because of several reasons. First, it teaches young adults that each one of us is capable of investing in others and making a difference in other students’ lives. Second, it gives students a chance to learn and practice Christ-centered leadership. And third, it gives students opportunities to grow and expand their natural giftings and help others do same along the way.

  • What challenges face LETU student leaders?

The student leadership of LETU have to know the university’s culture well and be able to adapt their leading style to it. LeTourneau has a unique, tight-knit culture that is part of what makes it so wonderful. Student leaders need to be attentive to it as they reach out to students, plan events, put together ministry projects, etc. Another challenge for the student leaders of LETU is to not overcommit themselves. LeTourneau is a school that attracts very proactive, bright, driven students who what be involved in a lot of different things. This is fabulous, but the student leaders must learn for the sake of themselves and the people they are serving how to maintain a healthy balance in their lives.

  • How do you feel that your leadership position may help prepare you for life/work in your future?

I have learned a lot of very valuable lessons that will translate over to my life and future work. One of those is how to interact and work with people who do not necessarily have the same values and beliefs as I do. Along with that comes learning how to approach conflict gracefully and deal with it well. I have learned the importance of communication and finding a communication medium that works for not only me but also the people I am trying to reach. I have also learned how to love people well. Loving people effectively means not only means being kind to them, but it also means doing the best for them even when they do not think it is the best.

  • Do you have a favorite Bible verse? 

My favorite Bible verse is Phil. 4:4-7. I love this verse because in the midst of a crazy world, God promises us that he will give us a peace beyond all comprehension. All we have to do is let go of our worries. In college and in life, there is a lot of things that could easily be worried over but God asks us to give those up for something so much better. Peace.