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Got questions? Here are some of things that we get asked a lot.

What is the LETU residency requirement?

One element of our educational philosophy is that students learn better when they live together on campus. One outcome of this educational philosophy is our requirement for all traditional undergraduate students to live on-campus. We do, however, provide for a few exemptions from this policy:

  • You are married, or a parent with residential custody of your child,
  • You will be living locally (within 40 miles) at home with your parent(s) or legal guardian,
  • You will be 22 years of age or older by the first day of class,
  • You are enrolled as a part-time student with six or fewer academic hours,
  • You have served a least 2 years of continuous active military duty,
  • You have already received a four-year degree from a college or university.

After being at LETU, we provide additional exceptions for students who have thrived in our community. Additional residency exemptions are available for:

  • Continuing LETU students who have attended LETU for at least four years (8 Fall/Spring semesters),
  • Continuing LETU students who have reached Senior status (91 credit hours) while maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA with no academic or disciplinary probation during the previous 3 semesters.

Can I get my own room? // Can I live in the apartments?

Information on our more unique housing locations can be found at

Upper division students who meet the following requirements are invited to apply for a position in apartment housing: a minimum total of 60 credit hours, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, and no disciplinary probation during the previous three semesters.

Generally we do not offer single rooms to new students who do not have medical need. 

What is my new address on campus?

Your physical and delivery (UPS, FedEx, etc.) address will be:

2100 S. Mobberly Ave.
Longview, TX 75602

Your mailing (US Postal Service) address will be:

PO Box 7001
Longview, TX 75607-7001

Once assigned, you will be able to access your CPO (Campus Post Office) box number from the Student Life tab on

If you want to send a package over the summer before you arrive to campus, please also mark the package "HOLD FOR ARRIVAL".

How can I contact my roommate?

You will receive information on how to access your roommate contact when you receive your housing assignment. Your room and roommate information will be on the "Student Life" tab in your account. And you can also get details from the status page of your housing application.

What sort of things should I bring?

Take a look at the suggested packing list that we came up with to get some ideas on what to bring.

For additional information, you can also look at the "Campus Policies" section of the Student Handbook.

Can I build a loft or shelving in my room?

Due to fire code, we cannot allow the construction of lofts or shelving systems. We will allow you to construct a bookcase or small shelving unit that conforms to our guidelines in the Student Handbook.

What size bedding do I need?

 All LETU Mattresses are Twin XL (36" x 80").  Standard Twin sheets will likely not fit.

What kind of appliances can I have? // Can I have a refrigerator or microwave in my room?

Many of the residence hall lounges have a community refrigerator and microwave. Students are also allowed to use microwaves (1100 watts or less), small refrigerators (4.6 cu. ft. or smaller), coffee makers, popcorn poppers, most electric kettles, and blenders in their rooms. These items must be plugged directly into the wall outlet.

Other appliances such as temperature controlled electric fry pans/griddles, counter-top/toaster ovens, slow cookers, and toasters are not allowed in rooms due to electrical wiring and fire hazards. These appliances may only be used in areas designated by the Resident Director. Generally, allowable cooking appliances will have a temperature control and not have exposed heating elements, but please ask if you have specific questions (

Other appliances such as hot plates, "George Foreman"-like indoor grills, and deep fryers are not permitted for use in any of the residence halls. Window AC units are also not permitted.

Items that could generate steam (i.e. microwave, coffee pot, kettle) may not be used under a smoke detector. Students who set off a fire alarm (maliciously, negligently, or accidentally) may be fined, so great caution and full attention are recommended.

Irons must have an automatic-off feature. Ironing must not be done on a bed or on the floor without proper protection from the heat. Extension cords are not permitted, except for surge protector power strips, which must be UL-rated. If a student's use of power cords is considered a fire hazard, the Residence Life staff will instruct the student accordingly.

For info on additional items, look at "Appliances" in the "Campus Policies" section of the Student Handbook.

How can I hang posters and other things on the walls?

White plasti-tac, 3M Brand Command Strips, and Mavalus Brand tape are our recommended means to hang room decorations. Residents of Gilbert Hall may hang room decorations with straight pins.

Do I need to bring a shower curtain?

The university supplies each shower with a standard shower curtain (opaque or white).

Can I burn candles/incense?

This is prohibited in every living area due to the fire hazard. However, flameless alternatives, such as scent plug-ins, wax melts, or oil diffusers are acceptable. Just be careful with the oils and melted wax, as they've been known to cause some damage when spilled.

Are animals allowed on campus?

Fish are the only pets permitted on campus (10 gallon tank or smaller).

As required by law, we do accommodate Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals with appropriate documentation. If you have questions about this, please email or

How does laundry work on-campus?

Laundry facilities are provided for all residents. South, Gilbert, Thomas, & Davis Halls have laundry facilities provided on the first floor of each building. Tyler Hall has a laundry facility located to the north of the building. For residents of The Quad, Trinity Halls (Pennsylvania, Mabee, and Evelyn LeTourneau Halls), and Village Apartments, laundry facilities are provided in a large laundromat east of Trinity Halls. Residents of the Married Student Apartments & Village Apartments may use the laundry facilities found in the Village Center, located in the apartment living area.


How do meal plans work?

Meal plans are included in the "room and board" pricing for students who live on campus.  Such students are required to select one of the four primary, weekly meal plan options - which are all the same cost.  These weekly meal plans include two elements: "Meals" can be used at the "all you care to eat" Corner Cafe and for specific exchange meals at the Hive (a quick service, a la carte dining option). "Flex Money" are dollars loaded to your ID card that can be used in the Hive or the Cafe as needed. 

Commuter Students who would like a meal plan are welcome to purchase a semester block plan directly from the Cashier at the Corner Cafe.

For more information check out our Dining Options page.

Can I bring my car / bike / skateboard / etc.? // Do I have to pay to park on campus? // How do I get around campus?

Parking is free! To register your vehicle and for additional detail, go to

But we are a walking campus - which means that students should not expect to drive from their room to class.

Many students have longboards, scooters, or bikes (or some variation of these) that they use to get to class, chapel, the dining hall, or the gym. We do have bike racks at each residence hall and academic building. Several buildings also have racks for skateboards. Bike Lids are provided in the Trinity parking lot and may be reserved through University Police.

Bicycles may not be kept inside. Scooters and skateboards may be carried to your room, but should not be inside of academic buildings. We recommend that all bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. are locked when not in use.

What is the Chapel attendance policy?

LETU's spiritual formation program is central to the total educational experience. We see spiritual growth as foundational to one's social, intellectual, and emotional development. Therefore, each semester we expect students to attend a number of spiritual formation programming events - including things like going to corporate Chapel gatherings, community service, and small-groups.

For all the details, check out our Spiritual Life webpage.

What is on-campus safety like?

We take our on-campus security seriously. LETU University Police insures that campus is patrolled by licensed peace officers 24 hours a day.

Access to the Residence Halls is restricted to residents of the buildings through door access control systems, which allow us to keep exterior doors locked 24/7. We allow students to use their ID cards to visit other buildings during certain times of the day.

No place is 100% safe at all times. Therefore, we recommend that students leave their personal property secured and room doors locked whenever they are not around. But we do have a great history of safety which can be seen in our crime reports.

What do I do if I get sick?

In Student Life, we have a Nurse on staff to help with all the normal ailments and injuries. LETU Health Services is located in the Student Life Offices on the 2nd floor of the Student Center. We have also partnered with BuzzCare to provide students with 24/7 access to tele-medicine at no additional cost. 

Longview also has a wide variety of facilities that can help with all your medical needs. We would be happy to make some suggestions if you're looking for a certain specialty, etc.

How will I meet people? // What do students do on campus?

We offer many different opportunities for students to get connected. Generally, YAC (the YellowJacket Activity Counsel) plans an event just about every weekend. Pretty much all semester long, we have at least one intramural sport season going on. Not to mention all of the events and activities planned by our clubs, student organizations, academic areas, and ResLife floors. These all present great opportunities to connect with fellow students, find some free food, and/or have some fun!

What is Residence Hall Visitation all about?

Residential students have 24/7 access to their assigned building. They also have access from 8am to 11pm to other like-gendered floors. Residence Hall "Visitation" times are Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 6pm to 11pm and Sunday from 5pm to 9pm. During these times, students are permitted on opposite gendered floors.

Commuter students must request visitation access each semester if desired.

What sort of data connections are there?

  • TV service is not available in the residence halls, but you are able to use a personal (indoor) digital antenna if desired. However, we do provide full TV service in the Student Center Media room.
  • Landline phone service is not available in residence hall rooms. If desired, personal Voice Over IP (VOIP) devices can be used. Contact LETU IT ( for additional detail.
  • One wired Ethernet jack is available in each room which can be split to multiple devices using a student-supplied Ethernet switch.
  • Wi-Fi (WPA2) is available throughout campus, and able to handle pretty much all your data needs.
  • For legacy devices, we also operate a legacy network that will allow you to connect pretty much any of your devices to the internet that do not support Enterprise Wireless, (gaming consoles, Alexa, Chromecast, etc.). But this is an open network, and should be treated as such.
  • An LETU E-mail account for each student, as the official means of communication from the University. Click here for additional information in the IT Move-In Guide.

Where can I get a student discount?

  • Many business may offer student discounts, just ask or search their website for education discounts. A couple notable companies are Apple and Samsung.
  • We have discount movie tickets for sale at the cashier's office.
  • We specifically offer the YAC Card to our students that has special deals at many local restaurants and businesses. YAC distributes these at the beginning of the Fall, and we usually have extras in the Student Life Office. Deals are also available on the LETU Buzz App.
  • LETU has partner/vendor deals with several companies here (MS Office & Windows, AT&T, Verizon, etc.).

For more information about specific policies, please consult the LeTourneau University Student Handbook, e-mail, or call 903-233-4400..