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How do you prepare for a successful transition from student to employee? Here you'll find material to help you create résumés and cover letters and prepare for job interviews. We provide resources to help you research the jobs you are interested in and find careers in your area.


Prepare your Résumé
Your résumé can be one of the strongest determining factors in a successful job interview. As a result, having your résumé ready and polished before you begin your search for a career is a definite must.

Research your Career
Determine if you are going into the workforce or into graduate school.
Find job and salary information so you can be prepared when you find a job.

Co-Ops and Internships
Learn about why you should consider doing a co-op or an internship and the benefits such programs offer to you.


College Central
Visit our online job system to search jobs posted specifically for LeTourneau students and to post your résumé for employers to view.
Online Job Search Resources
Visit these websites to research jobs, the job market, and search for specific jobs.

If you are undecided about what major or career you want to pursue, you are not alone. More than half of American first-year university students come to school uncertain about their choice of major. Below you will find some of the resources Career Services can offer you to guide you in your search.


Focus 2
A Career and Education Planning System for College Students. Use this system to learn about what careers best suit you, what you can do with your major, and explore career options. Available to all LETU students. Email for the access code. Create an account and log in here.

Career Assessment Inventory (MBTI)
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a useful personality and career assessment tool. Click the link to take the assessment online (login: letu; password: career105; you will get a user id when you log in). Afterwards, we will send you an email with your results and information on meeting with us to go over them in detail. To see the kind of information provided by the MBTI you can view a page from a sample report.

What Can I Do With This Major?
Have you ever wondered "What Can I Do With This Major"? You can find out! Take a look at the list of majors that includes majors offered at LETU as well as others to help you explore your career options. If you are unsure where to start and think that career counseling would help you better, please call us at 903-233-4467.


Academic Advisors
Your academic advisor can help you explore options in different majors and can show you course requirements. If you think you may be interested in a certain major and want to know more, make an appointment with one of the professors who teach in that field to discuss your options.

Career Counseling
Career Services staff is ready to meet with you to help guide you as you consider career choices. They can help you filter through your preferences and options. For more information regarding career counseling and career exploration please contact us by email:; phone: 903-233-4467 or visit us on the first floor of ASC (next to Admissions).

Your résumé can be one of the strongest determining factors in a successful job interview. As a result, having your résumé ready and polished before you begin your search for a career is a definite must.

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Aeronautical Science - Engineering Sample
Aeronautical Science - Flight Sample
Aeronautical Science - Maintenance Sample
Business Sample Additional Sample
Christian Ministries Sample
Computer Engineering Sample
Computer Science Sample
Education - Elementary Sample Additional Sample
Education - Secondary Sample
Engineering - Electrical Sample Additional Sample
Engineering - Mechanical Sample Additional Sample
Engineering - Welding Sample
Engineering - Technology Sample
Finance Sample
History/Political Science Sample
Math Sample
MBA Sample
Psychology Sample



To get help, tips and feedback while working on your resume, you may set up an appointment with Career Services by emailing

Career Services can offer advice to help you select a graduate school for continuing your education after college. If you would like to meet with a career counselor and discuss your options for graduate school please get in touch!


Step 1: Searching

  • Begin your search early
  • Decide what location is of interest to you and research and visit colleges/universities in that area

Step 2: GRE

  • Prepare ahead of time and make sure the GRE is a requirement
  • For free GRE Prep information, visit here: Prep Information
  • Cost: $205 (Prices are subject to change)
  • Register at ETS
  • Computerized exam offered every week

Step 3: Writing & Financial Aid

  • Your essay statement is going to identify your goals and purpose in grad school.
  • Ask about Graduate Assistantship Positions and Fellowships
  • Student Loans
    • Borrow up to $20,500/year
    • Complete FAFSA
  • Search for private scholarships
    • FastWeb
    • If a fee is required, it's not a real scholarship 

Step 4: Deadlines & What's Next

  • Admission deadlines vary between schools and programs
  • Submit application
  • Prepare for GRE
  • Request transcripts
  • Ask professors or employers for recommendation letters
  • Work on Essay Statement


Dr. Deena Shelton

Director of Career Services

Susan Fratangelo

Career Services Program Assistant