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"Everyone deserves to have a place where they are genuinely accepted."

Amari Wright

Profile Photo: Amari Wright


  • Peer Mentor, Bridges Program

  • Psychology Major

The Bridges program is unique in that it provides a community and support system for students with autism. As a peer mentor, I get to be a part of this social support system. Often, I have the opportunity to hang out with Bridges students, tutor them, or go to club meetings with them. I am also here for them if they want to talk, vent, or if they have questions about social situations.

One Bridges resource that is especially helpful is the weekly skills group. In these sessions we learn about social, academic, and life skills. I have found these to be majorly useful. I would also encourage anyone to participate in our community outings. They have helped the other students, and myself, step out of our comfort zones in ways that are keyed into our interests and abilities.

Dr. Marjason has created an environment where students feel accepted and seen, and I think those components are missing from a lot of other spaces. Through my education in psychology, I have learned the importance of such an environment. Everyone deserves to have a place where they are genuinely accepted. I can truly say God is what brought me to LeTourneau University. My experience at this school has been nothing short of extraordinary.