Profile Photo: Andre Huegel


  • LETU Class of 2020

  • Nursing B.S.

  • Hometown: San Luis Potosi, Mexico

I am a Nursing Major in the May Class of 2020. My Hometown is San Luis Potosi, Mexico but I grew up in Southeast Asia.  

The Missions VP is a position under LeTourneau Student Ministries. As the Missions VP I was tasked to work along the Missions Coordinator to plan and execute the Spring Break Outreach trips. We have trips every year where students go fix airplanes that are headed to Africa, Visit missionary training schools, work on specialized power devices used to protect medical equipment in parts of Africa, serve as 1 on 1 counselors for a special needs camp in Texas, give rides and talk with drunk college students at the beach to share the love of Christ, and work alongside churches in Mexico to reach people in the name of Jesus. We handle all the planning which includes buying plane tickets, renting vans, coordinating meals, communicating with the mission agencies, obtaining faculty sponsors, and getting departmental approval by the LETU VP’s of Finance, Development, and Student affairs. We manage the missions budget and we also manage the LSM Summer Missions Scholarship fund for students.  

GO week is an important tradition because it reminds us all that the Vision of LeTourneau is to reach every workplace and every Nation. That every nation part is a key component. Jesus says “ you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." The Muslims in Iran, the Hindus in India, and the Buddhists in Thailand need the gospel. God has made the invitation to us to partner with him and GO. Being at a University that recognizes this divine calling to go to the uncomfortable, different,  and unsafe parts of the world to bring the gospel of Jesus to those who have no one to tell them is a really rare thing. We sadly live in a culture here in the United States that idolizes safety and comfort rather than taking up the cross to follow Jesus. Being at a place that reminds us of that holy calling is an awesome thing.

The best part of GO Week as a student? The people and food! The people that come are absolutely awesome. You get to talk with a lot of Missionaries serving all over the world and share stories.  Our World café is the awesome food part. Faculty, Staff and students from other countries  get to come together to cook their  food and share with everyone! It is a reminder of How big God really is. He the God of every language, nation, tribe, and cuisine. Being able to celebrate that diversity is something special.