Spring Break Missions 2024

Pictured: Prior to departing on trips, LeTourneau students are commissioned through prayer during the annual Spring Break commissioning chapel service held in the S.E. Belcher Jr. Chapel and Performance Center. 

March 8, 2024 

Over 130 LeTourneau students, staff and faculty embark on Spring Break outreach trips, a school tradition that stretches back over more than 30 years. Trips are organized by the Spiritual Life departments and LeTourneau Student Ministries (LSM) and cover a wide variety of outreach. This year's trips include: 


Agape, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
We are excited to partner again with Centro Cristiano Agape whom have hosted LETU students as far back as 1987. This trip gives students the chance to truly experience another culture and become family with their neighboring brothers and sisters following Jesus in their own language, culture, and context. Students work on needed construction projects and outreach in partnership with the local church staff.

Beach Reach, Texas
LETU students travel down to the gulf to provide a Christian witness to fellow college students with Beach Reach! Partnering with local ministries, our students serve free pancake breakfasts, provide safe rides for spring breakers who are out all night, and share the gospel on South Padre Island.

JAARS, North Carolina
Students participating in this trip work closely with JAARS staff on any aviation projects currently in process at the time of the trip.

LeTourneau for Life - East Texas
Participants on this trip stay on campus for the week of Spring Break. Each day they will travel to a different Pro-Life facility/ministry to assist with special projects. Throughout the week students learn about the Pro-Life ministries in East Texas and get an opportunity to be a part of advocating for the lives of the pre-born.

LightSys Technology Services, Colorado
Students used their software development skills in missions work, serving alongside LightSys as they serve missionaries and ministry organizations through technical support. 

MMS Aviation, Ohio
At MMS Aviation, our students are directly involved in assisting with maintenance, modification, and repair of missionary aircraft.

Oaxaca, Mexico
Students will work alongside Gracia Abundante Church on a building project to meet the needs of a local church member.

Tri-Grace Ministries, Utah
LETU students partner with a college ministry engaging students in evangelical outreach as they build relationships and share the light of Christ across cultural borders in Mormon Utah.

UIM Aviation, El Paso/Tuscan/Mexico
This aviation focused trip allows students to visit tribal works and airstrips in two Mexican villages, through a partnership with Ethnos 360. Additionaly students work on airplane and hangar projects under the supervision of certificated mechanics and inspectors. 

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