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GO Week Student Information

  • Schedule
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Workshops
  • Attending Agencies

Sunday, January 22

  • Time TBA                         Representative Registration, Orientation, & Welcome Dinner
  • 9:00 PM                           Student Led Prayer & Praise for the Nations

Monday, January 23

  • All Day                             Agency Displays Open in Allen Family Student Center (AFSC)
  • 10:35 AM                          Chapel
  • 6:00 PM                            Scavenger Hunt & Ice Cream Social - Meet on AFSC Patio

Tuesday, January 24

  • All Day                              Agency Displays Open in AFSC
  • 11:00 AM                           Student Chapel
  • 6:00 PM & 7:30 PM          Mission Focused Workshops (Heath Hardwick Hall)

Wednesday, January 25

  • All Day                              Agency Displays Open in AFSC
  • 10:35 AM                          All Campus Chapel
  • 6:00 PM                          Our World Cafe (Belcher Lobby)


Brian BirdsallBrian Birdsall has served as the Executive Director of the Christian Embassy – United Nations in New York City since January 2014. The Christian Embassy – United Nations serves as a social and spiritual resource for diplomats from the 193 Member States during their tenure at the United Nations. The Christian Embassy – United Nations has had a continuous presence at the U.N. since 1980.

Before moving to New York, Mr. Birdsall and his wife, Catherine, and their five children lived in Kyiv, Ukraine, from November 1992 through June 2013. While there, they served in several functions under the umbrella of Campus Crusade for Christ (now known as "Cru" in the USA).

Mr. Birdsall and his wife, Catherine, are the parents of five grown children and six grandchildren.

Cathy Birdsall


 Andre HuegelAndre Huegel is a 2020 LeTourneau Graduate. He is currently residing in Nashville, TN where he works at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on the Trauma ICU as an RN. While attending LETU, Andrew served on LeTourneau Student Ministries for three years as both Vice President for Missions and Media Coordinator.  Andre grew up in Mexico and Southeast Asia as a missionary kid. Mr. Huegel is a volunteer with Free Burma Rangers and has worked for them in both Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

6:00 - 7:15 PM

  • Technology & Missions - Panel Discussion
    : HHH 104
    Description: I’m an Engineering major, what options are there for me beyond working for an Engineer Company? Is there such a thing as “desk job” in missions? Will I be able to do the things I’ve been trained to do as an EE, ME, CE, or MJE. I’m a Computer Science major – what can I do to help the spread of the Gospel.

    Panel Members: Representatives from Galcom International, Indigitous, and SonSet

  • Compelled to Help In the Midst of Chaos - Panel Discussion
    Location:  HHH 106
    Description: How do we help in the midst of crisis? What about political unrest? Is there a place for the Gospel, when basic needs are going unmet or when brother is fight against brother?

    Panel Members:


  • Convinced This Is the Best Life For Me - Panel Discussion
    Location: HHH 131
    What is like living as a missionary? How do I survive in a culture not my own? Will I be able to afford nice things? Can kids thrive as missionary kids?

    Panel Members: TBA


  • Committed to the Unreached Amongst Us - Panel Discussion
    :  HHH 139
    Description:  Did you know that there are large groups of unreached people groups living right here – some of them even next door. We often hear about those living in the 1040 Window who have not heard to Good News. But what about those who live right here but fall into “non-traditional” people groups and are also unreached?

    Panel Members: Representatives from Beloved & Beyond, Signs of Love, and TBA


7:30 - 8:45 PM

  • Aviation Ministry - Panel Discussion
    Location:  HHH 104
    Description: What opportunities are available for those who want to use their aviation training in missions? Is the only way to be in aviation missions to be pilot? 

    Panel Members: Representatives from JAARS, Kingdom Air Corps, MAF, and MARC


  • What Is Going On In Ukraine? - Brian & Cathy Birdsall
    Location:  HHH 131
    Description:  What is happening in Ukraine? Why does it matter to me? What is happening to Russians living in Ukraine? What about Ukrainians living in Russia? How can I pray for the people of Ukraine? Should I be praying for the people of Russia as well? Come hear the Birdsalls' perspective on the country where they lived for 20 years and Brian continues to visit regularly.


  • Compelled to Help Heal - Panel Discussion
    HHH 106
      How does Medical Missions work? Are there both short-term and long-term opportunities. Do people in this field face a lot of death and dying? Are people with physical ailments open to the Gospel?

    Panel Members: Representatives from Ancient Paths, Free Burma Rangers, & Mercy Ships


  • Convinced of the Call - Panel Discussion
      HHH 139
      How do I know if God is calling me into Missions? My parents say people need Jesus here, so why do some people go to far way places? How to I explain to others that this what I must do?

    Panel Members: Representatives from Barnabas Ministries and Avant

These agencies have registered for GO Week 2023!

Africa Inland Mission
Ancient Path Ministries
Avant Ministries
Barnabas International
Beloved and Beyond
Christian Ministries International
Dallas International University
EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response
Ethnos 360
Free Burma Rangers
Friends of Israel
Galcom International
Kingdom Air Corps
Mercy Ships
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Pioneer Bible Translators
Righteous Rides
SEND North
Signs of Love
SonSet Solutions
TECH Team Advantage
Tri-Grace Ministries
UIM International
YWAM Tyler