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90 percent perfect and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100 percent perfect and stuck in your head.

Jon Acuff

Profile Photo: Mark Roedel


Phone: 903.233.3296

  • Director for Online and Data Marketing


  • B.S., Computer Science and Engineering - LeTourneau University, 1995


Professional Experience

I was hired into LeTourneau University's IT department immediately upon graduation, where I built the university's first website as an experimental side project in late 1995.  (Check out the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to see how far we've come since then!)  I've had some level of at least part-time responsibility for the website ever since then, primarily focusing on the technical aspects - template programming, server administration, and the like, and have been devoted to it full-time since I moved from IT to Marketing and Communications in 2008.  

Today, I work with a fantastic team to produce and maintain the various web properties that tell the LeTourneau University story.  In addition, I administer our Web Content Management System and provide support to users around campus, manage the university's online advertising with Google, participate in ongoing projects to improve our visibility through search engine optimization, and occasionally even get to teach a web development course as an adjunct in LETU's Computer Science department.



When I'm not at work, my home-away-from-home is Artsview Children's Theatre, where you'll often find me serving as a musical director and/or accompanist for rehearsals and productions, and occasionally on stage as well. I've played piano since I was three, mainly these days as a participant in worship ministry at Fellowship Bible Church in Longview. I love to read (my Kindle is generally within reach in case of down time), I almost always have a new instrument I'm trying to learn to play (currently: banjo and cello), and I do the New York Times Crossword nearly every day.