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I hope that I would leave a legacy of joy. A legacy of real compassion. Because I think there is great joy in real compassion. I don’t think that you can know joy apart from caring deeply about people – caring enough about people that you actually do something.

Rich Mullins

Profile Photo: Grant Bridgman, M.B.A.

Bridgman, M.B.A.

  • Senior Director of Content


B.A., Christian Ministry: Cross Cultural Concentration - LeTourneau University - 2011
M.B.A. - LeTourneau University - 2015



In Humanities/Liberal Arts Language:

In a world where content is king, it is sometimes easy to feel like your work is not special enough, not powerful enough, or not getting enough of the attention it deserves. In the kingdom of content, everywhere you look there are organizations or individuals clamouring for your attention. 
Thankfully there is something more powerful than the content itself. The grander story behind the content. This narrative can be either shallow or deep or many places in between depending upon where its motivation comes from. 

At LeTourneau University, our narrative is rooted in our organizational calling. As THE Christian Polytechnic University, we are a part of a rich and deep saga that remains constant throughout time. The beauty of leaning into this calling is that our work becomes more than a pursuit of special, powerful, or viral moments. Content, then, becomes the medium through which our story is told. We should not be bound to it, confused in it, or ruled by it. Instead we continue to live out our faith in working out our calling. The more we stay true to our calling, the more the content will flourish. 

In STEM Language: 

Let's talk about Momentum (linear momentum). 

We are in a time of a great momentum build as a university, and in the context of momentum, both velocity and mass are needed.

The approach to velocity (In this case, defined as speed of content coverage) is being developed and re-evaluated constantly as our team commits to learning more about the incredible stories from LETU, capturing this compelling content and developing policies to provide more agility from our team.

The mass however, should not be ignored. The mass (root substance of the content) is just as important to lean into as the speed of which it is produced. If the “mass” is not calculated correctly, then the velocity does not end up making as much of a difference as we would hope.

Great content is rooted in a compelling story. Compelling stories create branches to many other stories. As our momentum continues to build, so does the reach of our content.  



When he is not behind a camera, conducting an interview, or planning content strategies, Grant enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and disc golf. He loves music and musical theatre. Mostly he enjoys spending time with his family, also the joy of learning and the process of growth that is intrinsically tied to the divine.