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Statement from Dr. Lunsford on
Formation of
President’s Cabinet for Racial Reconciliation

I am brokenhearted for our nation. The killing of George Floyd has illuminated again an ugly truth: our nation’s long struggle with racism is far from over. His funeral today in Houston was for me an extension of continuing lament, soul searching, and humble prayer. 

In these last tumultuous days, my mind has returned to a November 2017 All-Campus Chapel where Steve Mason called us to embrace the power of lament.  Biblical lament draws us back to the anchor we have in a God of wisdom, power and goodness.  

My Christian worldview informs me that this struggle with racism is a problem of the human heart and our only hope is the Good News of Jesus Christ. The God who created us seeks to redeem us and right the wrongs of this world. His will, that we first and foremost love God and love others, will guide us to be agents of peace.

Words are important but so are actions. My wish is that LeTourneau University find actionable ways to participate in the racial reconciliation of our community, nation and world. To that end, I am forming the President’s Cabinet for Racial Reconciliation.  Two of every five LETU students identifies with a race other than white.  I need to listen and learn how we are doing in loving each other.  I want to point us to a shared vision for a university that models a biblical unity that celebrates God-given diversity.  And I want to identify appropriate actions toward racial reconciliation that we can include in our next university strategic plan that we will develop this coming year.  

Ultimately, reconciliation happens in personal relationships not in university committees.  My prayer is that this President’s Cabinet for Racial Reconciliation will be a catalyst to cheer on personal change where change is necessary.  I promise to keep you informed as cabinet membership is completed and a formal agenda is developed.  I ask for you to join me in lament, soul searching and humble prayer.