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Industry Education

LeTourneau Technical Institute was created in part to educate and provide hands-on training to workers at R.G.'s manufacturing facility, LeTourneau Industries. For the first 10 years at LeTourneau Tech, students would spend three days a week working at LeTourneau Industries and another three days per week going to classes. The goal was to teach these workers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that they could apply in their jobs. Today, the Office of Industry Engagement's industry education programs seek to share LeTourneau University knowledge and expertise with industries to improve their workflows.

  • Yaskawa Motoman Robotics Training
  • Industrial Energy Management 101
  • Other Opportunities



As the world moves toward more automation with robots in manufacturing and commerce, LeTourneau University recognizes the need to make this technology more accessible to both workers and industries in East Texas. That is why LeTourneau is excited to announce its new Yaskawa Motoman Training Center, opening in 2024.

The Yaskawa Motoman Training Center will provide robot programming training on robots from Yaskawa Motoman, the largest manufacturer of robotics automation systems. At the center, attendees will be able to learn materials handling and robotic welding on the YRC1000 in short, one-week courses. Through a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training, both students and industry professionals can earn their Yaskawa Motoman certificates of completion and get an introduction to robot programming and operation. 



Industrial Energy Management 101

Class Date: May 6-8, 2024

Class Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Industrial Energy Management 101 Registration

Learn about energy management from LETU alumnus Tim Dugan, P.E., an expert in industrial energy analysis with 25 years of real-world field datalogging, modeling, and system design experience. Dugan has been a certified instructor for DOE Compressed Air Challenge and the Hydraulic Institute, and he is currently a webinar teacher, technical writer, and conference workshop teacher for Compressed Air Best Practices.

In this three-day, non-credit course, you will learn about the fundamentals of pumps and compressors, field datalogging tools and techniques, and Excel modeling. You will also receive centrifugal pumps and compressed air Excel templates and learn to develop models and data plots that are the foundation for energy and reliability improvement projects. This unique course teaches both theoretical knowledge in a classroom environment at LeTourneau University as well as practical knowledge in the field and in delivery and acceptance of hundreds of investment-grade reports. All students will be trained on real pumps and a compressor at LeTourneau. Plus, you will learn methods of low-cost datalogging which you can use to evaluate systems at your own workplace, with these logging systems also available for purchase.

The instructor will be available for additional remote mentoring throughout the summer.

The skills Dugan teaches in Industrial Energy Management 101 are ideal for:

  • Facility Engineers
  • Plant Engineers
  • Industrial Energy Auditors
  • Commercial Energy Auditors
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Equipment Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Utility Engineers
  • Energy Managers


Cost for the class

Industry Professionals: $1,500
College Students: $750*

*Scholarships are available for students in financial need. If you need a scholarship, please contact before completing your registration.

Industrial Energy Management 101 Registration


May 2023 Industrial Energy Management 101 Class Photos

Industrial Energy Management 101 May 2023Industrial Energy Management 101 May 2023Industrial Energy Management 101 May 2023Industrial Energy Management 101 May 2023

The Office of Industry Engagement plans to provide more opportunities for industry education classes in the future.

Have questions? Contact:


Alan Clipperton

Vice President of Global Initiatives and Industry Engagement