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Renegade Racing is LeTourneau University's SAE Baja Team. We are a multi-disciplinary team of students fabricating baja-style off-road vehicles to compete in national competitions. Our objective is to design and build a small, fully functioning, one-passenger car able to take on rough terrain and meet the many specifications put forth by SAE. The job of the team is not only to build this car, but to engineer, document, and create it in the most cost-effective way possible. The car is tested with high-stakes events including the 4 hour endurance race, hill climb, and maneuverability tests. LeTourneau’s Renegade Racing has a history of success, with several Top-20 finishes in the last decade.  

Once only open to seniors as a senior design project, the team is now a student club open to all majors and class ranks, allowing any student to be a part of LeTourneau’s proud history of hands-on learning. The club is working with a Junior Design team this year to accomplish Renegade Racing’s first 4WD vehicle – our first competition car in 4 years. 

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Your kind support is tax deductible through the following ways:    

  • This donation page 
  • With check made out to the school, with “LETU Baja” on the memo line 
  • Cash with your name, address, & phone number provided 
  • Donations of parts are treated as a gift-in-kind and are tax deductible 
2022 BAJA Team


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