A Scholarship On Your Schedule

A familiar name in higher education is providing a uniquely accessible scholarship for new incoming students. While earning college credit as a high school student is not a new approach to college preparedness, LeTourneau University offers automatic scholarships to our dual credit students. 

How Does It Work?
When successfully completing any LeTourneau University Dual credit course, students will automatically qualify for a $17,000 per year scholarship which can be applied to their traditional undergraduate degree program at the university. 
The first criteria of passing a dual credit course can be completed at any point during a student's high school journey. The dual credit course can be taken either online, on our main campus in Longview, or at a partner school. The second qualification of going through the admissions process is considered completed upon acceptance to LeTourneau University as an new incoming fulltime student in the semester following high school graduation. The final step to lock in $17,000 per year is for the student to file their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)


LeTourneau University Dual credit courses are available every spring and fall semester each year. Keep in mind these are college level courses which are offered to high school students - not simply high school courses which count for college credit. Whether online or in person, these courses are designed to prepare high school students for academic rigor of college coursework. The content of the courses is consistent with the identity of LeTourneau University as The Christian Polytechnic University. 


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