Tuition Benefits

Undergraduate Tuition Waivers

Full-time faculty and staff, their spouses and children are eligible to apply for tuition waivers for courses audited or taken for credit at LeTourneau University. Adjunct faculty and some part-time staff are also eligible to receive waivers, although the amount covered may vary. Waivers are applied after any available federal, state or insitutional grant aid has been applied, and may not exceed the actual cost of tuition. LeTourneau University also participates in a tuition waiver exchange program with other members of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Full information about undergraduate tuition waivers may be found in the Faculty/Staff Handbook, sections and

Masters Degree Loans

Full-time faculty and staff pursuing a masters degree offered by LeTourneau University may apply for a tuition loan from LETU. The employee must continue full-time employment while in the program. After the completing the degree or withdrawing from the program, one third of the loan will be forgiven for each subsequent full 12 calendar months that the employee works full time. Full eligibility details and other program info are in the Faculty/Staff Handbook, section

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