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R.G. LeTourneau's Legacy

As a young man, R.G. LeTourneau came to a critical fork in the road of his career. Although he had built a successful earth-moving business, LeTourneau believed that in order to make God first in his life, he would need to leave business and become a missionary. Fortunately, his pastor helped him see that God had called him to business as his ministry. Known as "God's Businessman," R.G. LeTourneau's commitment to close the gap between his Sunday faith and Monday work is embedded in the DNA of LeTourneau University and the driving force behind the Center for Faith & Work.

Launched in 2011 to continue LeTourneau's legacy, the Center for Faith & Work helps students, alumni and friends to make serving Christ their career goal-whatever the career-in every workplace in every nation.



The Center also produces a Faith & Work email newsletter called "Make Monday's Meaningful" that features new events, current articles from all across the web, and resources to make your Mondays meaningful. Sign up for emails here.

Learn more about the Center for Faith & Work at the Center's website, where you will find articles, events, curriculum, videos, sermons, and a host of other resources to help connect Sunday worship with Monday work.

"Sunday faith and Monday work often have a wall of separation, but fortunately more believers are seeing the importance of integrating faith and work. We must not ignore the strategic mission field of the workplace. It is my conviction that the Center for Faith & Work provides important guidelines for leaders who want to influence our culture for Christ. I heartily endorse this effort to close the gap between Sunday and the weekday."

- Howard G. Hendricks

Former Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Christian Education and Founder of the Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement at Dallas Theological Seminary

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