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Course Sampling

Just a glimpse of some of the subjects our Honors students can dive into during their class time at LETU. Honors courses are three-hour degree credits.

  • Historiography: In Search of History
    An examination of various interpretations of historical events and time periods, from biblical to modern times. Explore what factors led different historians to interpret events in dissimilar ways.
  • The Social Background of the New Testament
    An extensive study of first-century Mediterranean life to better understand the New Testament. Topics range from marriage customs and social groups to economic backgrounds.
  • Reading the Bible as Literature
    A genre and historical study of the Old and New Testaments with emphasis on literary qualities to more deeply understand and appreciate the Bible's enduring impact on Western civilization.
  • Only Inklings
    Literary enthusiast? Study the greats. An introduction to the Inklings literary group, specifically C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Owen Barfield and Charles Williams, from a biblical worldview.
  • The Hero Quest and the Holy Grail in Literature, Art and Film
    A study of the hero quest tradition with special emphasis on Grail stories and art from medieval times to the present. (Disclaimer: we'll probably dig a little deeper than "Monty Python)."


These additional enrichment courses are held for one hour, one night a week throughout the semester to spark your interest and give you background on some seriously fascinating issues.

  • Creation and Evolution
    Review the biblical account of creation and corresponding scientific views on origins, including cosmology and solar system formation, the origin of life and the species and the Earth's geology.
  • Contemporary Political Issues
    Talk politics. Analyze the major issues and hot topics currently debated in America.
  • It's Greek to Me: Plato's "Republic"
    Examine Plato's "Republic" and "Dialogues" from a biblical perspective. Read, discuss and contemplate ideas including censorship, ways of knowing, the ideal state and ethics.
  • In Search for the Source: Greek Manuscripts of the New Testament
    Study the history of the transmission of the New Testament text in order to arrive at a better understanding and approximation of the autographs.
  • Apocalypse through the Ages
    Trace the history, expressions and theology of Apocalypse. Explore trajectories of apocalypse by examining and evaluating various apocalyptic texts and movements in history, art and movies.

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