Abstract: Thomas W. Judson

PreTeXt: Open Source, Abstract Algebra, Sage

September 28, 2017
LeTourneau University, Longview, TX
Glaske O-101, 11:00 am.


Today's students read their textbooks in various formats and on various devices. In addition to reading a hardbound copy of the book, a student may access their book on a computer, a tablet, and even a smart phone. However, the problem of seamlessly integrating technology into textbooks and publishing in a vareity of formats is not an easy one. One solution is PreTeXt, a lightweight XML application for authors of scientific articles, textbooks and monographs. When a document is written in PreTeXt, it is possible to quickly produce a document in different formats from a single source. As an example of how an author might take advantage of formats other than the printed page is to include applications such as videos, online homework, and live Sage cells, an open source computer algebra applications. We will describe the journey that began with a hardbound commercially published textbook and is now open source textbook available in multiple formats that takes advantage of technological tools.


Thomas W. Judson, Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics Stephen F. Austin State University P.O. Box 13040-3040 SFA Station Nacogdoches, TX 75962
OFFICE: 316 Math
TEL: (936) 468-1704
EMAIL: judsontw@sfasu.edu