Hogan Abstract

Small Molecule Remediation by Hydrogen-Bonded Metal-Organic Frameworks

October 26, 2017
LeTourneau University, Longview, TX
11:00 am, Glaske C101


Waste remediation has been an important topic to many environmental agencies in efforts to manage the growing concerns in the area of waste disposal or treatment. The use of hydrogen-bonded metal-organic frameworks will serve as a "host" to acquire and the hold the waste molecule. These frameworks are flexible enough to allow for any distortion in the framework because guest molecules have a variable size. This research will investigate the ability of the hydrogen-bonded framework to hold a variety of "guest" molecules. This investigation will look into the remediation of small molecules through the process of co-crystallization and dissolution. Further investigations will look into the use of the framework as a "sponge" to absorb the waste molecules. All samples will be studied using TGA, powder XRD, and single crystal XRD.


Greg A. Hogan
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Texas A&M, Texarkana, TX