Chou - Science Seminar

Applications of biomaterials in wound healing and ocular diseases.

Shih-Feng Chou
University of Texas, Tyler
Presented at: LeTourneau University, February 8, 2018, 11:00 am, C101 Glaske, 2100 S. Mobberly, Longview, TX


The two major topics concerning the development of nanomedicine in biomedical engineering are drug delivery and tissue engineering. With the advance in nanotechnology, scientists and engineers now have the ability to fabricate functional drug carriers and/or biomaterials to program the delivery of drugs locally as well as to promote tissue regeneration. Among all forms of biomaterials, our works showed that nanofibers, polymeric films, and in-situ gelling polymers are of particular interests for healing of chronic wounds and ocular diseases. Mechanisms to achieve sustained release of small molecule drugs, macromolecules, and gene vectors using nanofibers will be discussed for chronic wound healing. In addition, surface characteristics of polymeric films provided an alternative method in cell culture to achieve cell therapy in corneal injury. Lastly, using injectable in-situ gelling polymers improves the therapeutic effectiveness in controlling the progression of glaucoma. These topics demonstrate the importance in tailoring the composition, structure, and surface/bulk properties of the biomaterials to obtain the desire biomedical functions for disease treatment.