US Documents

(These documents are not required for all international students but may be helpful.)

U.S. Social Security Number

Social Security Office
611 Clinic Drive

If you obtain a job on campus, you will be required to have a valid Social Security Card issued by the U.S. Government.

Documents needed to get a Social Security Card:

  1. A completed SS-5 Form (application for a Social Security Card)
  2. Two forms of identification that establish the student’s age and identity (passport, Student I.D. Card, birth certificate, etc.)
  3. Form I-94
  4. Form I-20
  5. Proof of Employment authorization letter

Note: For your LETU address on the SS-5 form, please use: LeTourneau University, CPO #
2100 South Mobberly Ave.
Longview, TX 75602


  1. The employer who offers a job to an international student (who does not have a Social Security Card) fills in the employment authorization letter and gives it to the student. 
  2. The student takes the letter and other documents listed above to the Social Security office (see address below) to apply for a card.
  3. At the Social Security Office the student will be given a Social Security Number receipt. The actual card with the number will be mailed to the student. However, the student can return to the Social Security Office to get the number (not the card) the following day.
  4. The student takes the Social Security Number receipt to the business office to complete the I-9 Tax Form and Worker’s Compensation sheet.
  5. The business office will make copies of the SSN Receipt and the student’s passport (with photo), attach them to the I-9 form, and give these to the Payroll Office. Ask the business office to notify your supervisor that you are ready to begin working.
  6. The appropriate work Supervisor completes the Student Worker Action Form with the correct starting date and submits all paperwork as usual. The student will be given a time card and work instructions. The student may then begin work. The Supervisor completes the Student Worker Orientation Checklist and forwards it to Payroll.
  7. When the student receives the Social Security Card, he/she must take the card to the Payroll Office so a copy may be made. The student cannot be paid until there is a Social Security Number on record.
  8. Students are encouraged to keep their Social Security Card and other documents in a safe place.


Texas Driver License

Texas Department of Public Safety


416 Lake Lamond Road
Longview, TX 75604

Office Hours:
Monday – Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Enrollment Verification Letter from LETU (provided by Office of International Studies)

Once the applicant is ready to take the driving exam, he/she must schedule a driving test appointment on the Online Services section of the TX Department of Public Safety website (above.) The student must provide a vehicle for the driving exam and present proof of current liability insurance, Texas vehicle registration, and inspection for the vehicle.

Upon successful completion of the exam, the student will be granted a license to drive a car for a period of one year.

For International students who already have a valid US Driver License, or a valid Driver License from France, Canada, Germany or Korea:

  1. You have 90 days after entering the state to secure a TX Driver license.
  2. You will need to apply in person and provide the documentation listed above in #1, 2 & 4.
  3. Surrender your VALID out-of-state learner or driver license, or a VALID out-of-country learner or driver license at the driver license office. The written and driving examinations will be waived, but you must still pass a vision exam.
    NOTE: If you have an EXPIRED driver license, you will be required to pass the written, driving and vision exams.

Texas Identification Card

If you do not apply for a Texas Driver’s License, it is often useful to obtain a Texas ID card in order to have a government issued ID.

Steps required to apply for a Texas Identification Card:

  • Apply in person at a Texas Driver License Office.
  • Present Passport, Visa, I-20, I-94, and Enrollment Verification Letter from LETU.
  • Complete the application online or in person.
  • Pay the required fee with cash, money order, or non-temporary check only.




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