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LETU Academic System

  • Academic Year: The academic year is divided into two semesters -- fall and spring. Courses are also offered during summer sessions. Graduation exercises are held each year at the close of the fall and spring semesters.
  • Credits: The quantity of academic work is measured in credits. The semester hour is the unit for calculating credits at LeTourneau and is defined as one hour of class work per week, or its equivalent, pursued for one semester.
  • Grading System: The grading system used for any class will be given to you in the course syllabus on the first day of class.
    • Some faculty use fixed grading scales whereby each assignment or examination that is graded can receive a fixed maximum of points.
    • Other faculty grade "on the curve" - a system where a formula is used to assure that there will be a certain number of A's, a certain number of B's, and so on.
    • If you receive a low grade and do not understand why or you think the professor might have made a mistake, it is acceptable to ask the professor for the reason for the grade. However, it is not acceptable to "bargain" for a grade you do not deserve.
  • Grade Points: Grade points are the numerical value assigned to each letter grade for comparative purposes.
    • A = 4.00
    • B = 3.00
    • C = 2.00
    • D = 1.00
  • Grade point average (GPA): GPAs are computed for each semester and are used as a basis for completing requirements for graduation or for permission to remain in school each succeeding semester. You may go to to calculate your expected GPA at any time in the semester.

There are two devices outlined in the University Catalog which give flexibility to students who want to maintain reasonably high grade point averages:

  1. Course Repeat Procedure: Students may retake a course in which they have received a D or F and have the second grade entered on their record. See University Catalog for details.
  2. Adding and Dropping Courses: International students must remember that U.S. immigration regulations require undergraduate students to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours. You must work with the DSO and/or the Registrar’s Office to follow the correct procedure.

Academic Support

The Achievement Center (AC) Services: The Achievement Center exists to promote student success by providing supportive resources for students at no additional cost. The center offers a number of services for all undergraduate students who would like to improve their learning skills and academic success at LETU. Services include Supplemental Instruction (SI), Tutoring, Math Lab, and Study Skills Coaches. For more information, visit the Achievement Center at or drop by. We are located down the hall from the International office.

Supplemental Instruction (SI): The SI program is a series of supplemental weekly review sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. Each session is led by a SI leader, who facilitates interactive activities related to the course material. SI leaders are students who have already successfully completed the course and who will regularly attend the class again, in order to prepare supplemental instruction for those attending the SI sessions. It is highly recommended that you schedule these sessions as a part of the course if a SI is assigned. Typically, students who regularly attend SI sessions improve their overall course grade. At the beginning of each semester SI schedules are posted at

Tutoring: The AC provides students with one-on-one peer tutoring for numerous courses at LeTourneau. Obtaining a tutor early in the semester can significantly improve course grades. Drop by and we will help you navigate the process.

Math Lab: Math Lab is a drop-in tutoring service that can provide assistance in a wide range of undergraduate math courses. Math Lab is held in the AC. Visit for days and times.

Writing Center: LeTourneau students can now take advantage of this new resource located in the AC. It is a free drop-in tutoring service designed to offer help for students who may be struggling with writing assignments. This is a great place to check your English on assignments.

Learning Strategies Coaches: Mastering academic skills remains one of the most challenging issues for university students today. Our learning strategies coaches are undergraduate students trained to help you master the academic skills you need to be successful in your college courses. A learning strategies coach can help you discover strategies targeted to your specific learning style, needs, and course of study.



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