Technology Specifications

LeTourneau University Technology Specifications for Students

Students, especially those in our online programs, are required to have adequate computing technology as a core part of their curriculum. To aid in selecting the best workstation for academic needs, we have provided a set of recommended technology specifications for student use. Please note that these requirements are frequently adjusted to compensate for the rapidly-changing technology landscape. As a result, a computer that initially meets the minimum requirements may soon fall below the guidelines. LETU recommends exceeding these requirements when possible.

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For our online students, a quick overview of everything "IT" can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjwCDUy25iw&index=2&list=PLrRuB9O5HO7Qzs0TnYrSHdfw12ZrWl2Hu

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

Minimum Software Requirements:

[*1] It is recommended that all LETU students purchase a web camera in the event that recording videos from your computer is integrated into the course completion expectations. This is especially true for students pursuing their degrees and/or certification in a totally online format. Courses may list camera requirements in the books section. If there is no specific model of camera required for your curriculum we recommend the Logitech C920 or faceVsion N1 cameras listed above.