Degrees in Chemistry and Physics

LeTourneau University offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, and Engineering Physics. In cooperation with the School of Education, we offer Bachelor of Science degrees in Physical Science Education and Science Composite Education.

Within the chemistry major we offer three concentrations.

1) A biology concentration for those following a pre-med program or for those interested in pursuing biochemical research.

2) A physical concentration for those wishing a more mathematically rigorous study of chemistry with an emphasis on quantum mechanics and molecular modeling.

3) A chemical engineering concentration designed to enable students to enter a graduate program in chemical engineering at Iowa State University and earn a Master's in chemical engineering from Iowa State and a bachelor's in chemistry from LeTourneau.

Forensic Chemistry is for those who would like to work in a crime lab. You will obtain a chemistry major with an emphasis on analytical chemistry while also taking courses in criminal justice.

Engineering-Physics is a degree for those who want a better scientific foundation for their engineering studies. It is a great major if you are interested in graduate school in physics or engineering.

We also offer programs in K-12 education for those who would like to become science teachers.

Whatever you plan to be - Nobel Prize-winning chemist, jungle doctor, science teacher, forensic chemist, chemical engineer, or something else - there is a major within Chemistry that will fit your interests and career goals.


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