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How to setup your unity voicemail via web browser
  1. Click here to access "My Unity Voicemail Options (Unity Active Assistant)".
    For future reference - you will find this link on the start page ( http://www.letu.edu/start ) in the right pane towards the bottom under the Voicemail heading. 

    You must be on the LetNet network to access this link.  You may use Terminal Server to access it if you would like.

    These instructions will walk you through setting up your Unity voicemail via a web browser. We recommend this method for all users as it is generally the easiest and most effective way to setup your voicemail - however if you would prefer to setup your voicemail via Interactive Voice Response on the phone, click here.
    Record your Name
  2. Login to the Unity System. User your LetNet username and password and leave the domain blank then click the Login button.
  3. After you have logged in click on the "Cisco Unity Assistant" link.
  4. Click �Yes� to install the Cisco add-on (only necessary for the first time.)
  5. Make sure your recording device is set as phone.
  6. Now click on the record button (red circle).
  7. If this is your first time recording your name over the web, a window will pop up asking for �Extension� and �Cisco Unity server�.  In the "Extension" field type your 4 digit extension and in the "Cisco Unity Server" type voicemail.letnet.net . Press "OK".
  8. Your phone should start to ring. Pick up the handset and record your name. As soon as you finish your name hang up. Make sure the handset is hung up properly otherwise the recording will not stop.
  9. You can now preview your name by pressing the play button. You can also adjust the volume and playback speed. (this only affects the playback for you, not the person calling you).
  10. If you don�t like your recorded name you can hit record and record another one, when you pick up the handset a window will pop up saying �Overwrite message at current position?� Press �OK� and record the message.
  11. Save the changes you have made by clicking on the "Save" button in the upper left or by clicking on the "Save" button in the bottom left.

    Create a New Password
  12. At the bottom of the window type a new password.  This password is used to access your voicemail over the phone.  The password you enter must be numberic (no letters only numbers).  Retype the same password in the "Confirm New Password" box and click one of the two save buttons.

    Record your Greeting
  13. Click the Greeting menu on the top then click on the "Greetings" menuthen click on the "View Greetings" menu item.
  14. Click on the "Standard" greeting link to change your standard greeting. Later you can change your other greeting by clicking on the other greeting types.
  15. Record your personal greeting the same as you recorded your name.
  16. You can now close the web page.

    Optional - Strongly Recommended: Install ViewMail
  17. You are strongly encouraged to install the ViewMail client if you run Outlook. ViewMail is available at : ftp://ftp.letu.edu/apps/multimedia/audio/viewmail/ViewMail.exe
  18. To install ViewMail, first close Outlook if it is running.  Then simply point your web browser to the location in the ViewMail.exe link above and choose "Open" if your web browser asks you what you want to do with the file.
  19. After you install ViewMail, you should Open Outlook, go to the "Tools/ViewMail options" menu, and select the "Playback" tab. If the "Device" is currently set to "Phone" then change it to your sound card usually contains the word "Audio".