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How to setup your unity voicemail via Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  1. Dial Ext. 3999 (233-3999 from off-campus)
  2. Wait for the Voicemail system to answer
  3. Press the * key
  4. Enter your extension followed by the # sign.
  5. Enter your password (Your initial password is 12345 ) 
  6. You will be walked through the voicemail setup process.  Please do not accept any of the default messages though it may sound like you are encouraged to do so.  Be sure to record your own name and personal greeting for callers to hear.
  7. You are strongly encouraged to install the ViewMail client if you run Outlook.  ViewMail is available at : ftp://ftp.letu.edu/apps/multimedia/audio/viewmail/ViewMail.exe
  8. To install ViewMail, first close Outlook if it is running.  Then simply  point your web browser to the location in the ViewMail.exe link above and choose "Open" if your web browser asks you what you want to do with the file.
  9. After you install ViewMail, you should Open Outlook, go to the "Tools/ViewMail options" menu, and select the "Playback" tab.  If the "Device" is currently set to "Phone" then change it to your sound card usually contains the word "Audio".
  10. Your voice mail will begin being delivered to your voice mail box and to your Outlook Inbox.
  11. You can access advanced options for your personal Unity voicemail box by browsing to the Unity Voicemail ActiveAssistant