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LetNet Guest Wireless network is up and operational.
Fri Dec 09 15:23:42 CST 2016
Holiday LetNet Wireless is online and secure. Join us! https://t.co/A0Xa2mHp1Q
Fri Dec 09 09:21:47 CST 2016
Work Complete. All wireless APs have been moved. No additional downtime anticipated. Guest wireless network will be restored tomorrow.
Thu Dec 08 22:24:39 CST 2016
To address student wireless network issues, we're moving to new wireless controllers. Rolling wireless outages at least 12/8-12/9.
Thu Dec 08 18:10:09 CST 2016
LetNet Wireless connectivity has been interrupted by an apparent hardware failure. We are working to quickly resolve the issue.
Thu Dec 08 15:17:56 CST 2016
Student wireless network returned to full functionality at 9:15AM. Please contact us at 903-233-3500 if you experience any further issues.
Thu Dec 08 10:23:24 CST 2016
We are currently troubleshooting clients being unable to connect to the student wireless network.
Thu Dec 08 07:54:52 CST 2016
Scheduled network maintenance is complete.
Wed Dec 07 06:00:23 CST 2016
Network maintenance will begin at 4:00am, This service window is scheduled to last until 6am.
Wed Dec 07 03:55:57 CST 2016
We will be performing emergency maintenance on the campus network between 4am and 6am on Wednesday 12/7. Brief interruptions possible.
Tue Dec 06 15:04:14 CST 2016

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