Staff Introduction


During your time at LeTourneau, you'll run across many people who care deeply about you and wish to see you succeed. Some of the most available and intentional relationship-builders you will encounter if you live on campus will be your Residence Directors (RDs for short). RDs are full-time, master's level, professional staff members whose responsibility is to get to know you and walk alongside you during your college journey, to provide a comfortable and safe living environment, and to get you involved in the lives of others. In fact, here's the mission statement they created with your whole-person development in mind:

As part of the holistic educational process, we are committed to living well together in Christ-centered community by encouraging challenging and supportive environments, initiating engaging programs, and maintaining quality facilities for our students.

Meet your Residence Life Staff:

Tony Zappasodi

  • Interim Director of Residence Life
  • Coordinator of Housing
  • Family and Married Student Apartments
  • Village Apartments 

John Forester

  • Tyler Hall

Christian Lehman

  • South Hall
  • International Student Housing (Howe, & McKinley Houses)

Daniel VanValkenburg

  • Mabee Hall
  • Pennsylvania Hall
  • AO, KZX, LAS


Isis Martin

  • Davis Hall
  • Non-Traditional Housing (Durham & Carpenter Houses)


Greta Johnson

  • Gilbert Hall

Jake McCurry

  • Thomas Hall