Electrical Engineering Prospective Students

Dear Prospective Students,

Thanks for your interest in Electrical Engineering at LeTourneau University. Electrical Engineering is an exciting field and one which is impacting many of the critical technologies of the 21st Century – personal computing, telecommunications, multimedia, and robotic control.

Electrical engineers use mathematics and science, particularly related to electricity, magnetism, and light, to develop systems for communications, computer hardware, power generation, motor control, navigation and defense, imaging, security, biomedical applications, and miniaturized circuits for controlling everything from appliances to vehicles. LeTourneau’s B.S.E. degree with concentration in EE is designed to prepare you to apply the principles you will learn to provide for the needs of society specifically involving electronics, electricity, and energy conversion

All students in the EE concentration have coursework in Circuits, Electronics, Instrumentation and Measurement, Digital Electronics, Microcontrollers, Mechatronics, Electromagnetic Fields, and Communications. You’ll have the opportunity to use modern test equipment in the labs, to work on projects for national competitions, and to be part of a design team developing a system from initial proposal to layout, fabrication, testing, and reporting.

Elective specialties in the senior year include:

  • Controls (Digital Controls, Advanced Controls)
  • Communications (Lasers)
  • Computers (Microcomputer Design)
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Robotics

A bachelor's degree in engineering (B.S.E.) with electrical concentration can provide the foundation that you will need to enter any of the areas of electrical engineering. Graduates from the EE concentration are employed at such companies and agencies as Raytheon, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Intel, IBM, NASA, Hewlett Packard, Vertex, National Semiconductor, Andrew, Honeywell, Harris, GE, and Boeing. It is our goal that they make a real contribution to the engineering profession and bring glory to God through their lives.

I would encourage you to visit the campus to see our facilities and to meet our faculty and students.

May the Lord bless you in your future.

Dr. Paul Leiffer, P.E.
Concentration Coordinator and Department Chair