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Security, Unauthorized Access, and DOS

Attempting to circumvent existing security measures or the spirit of such measures on either University-owned equipment or that of a fellow student, faculty, or staff member is prohibited. Attempting to disrupt service to any computer or computing resource on campus, including ResNet computers is prohibited. In general, connectivity to other computers should be limited to University servers (for the specific purposes for which they are made available) and to student computers with information sharing points which the user has been explicitly granted permission to access. Where it is obvious that information is available that another individual did not mean to make publicly available, it is the responsibility of the user making such a discovery to inform the other individual or Information Technology as soon as possible and to avoid using the information in any way.

  • Distribution of account information for LetNet or any other University-owned system to anyone other than the intended account holder is prohibited.
  • With the exception of University-owned Terminal and Remote Access servers, remote access to a computer you do not own is prohibited (whether or not such access is authorized by the computer's owner). Students are allowed to remote control only computers they legally own which are connected to the LetNet campus network and registered to their username. Remote control of student computers is permitted only to/from wired or wireless student networks (i.e. not from Faculty/Staff or off-campus locations). Remote control of Faculty/Staff workstations is not permitted unless authorized for business reasons. Contact Information Technology for more information on remote access to Faculty/Staff resources and best practices.
  • End-user use or distribution of tools which provide packet sniffing, spoofing, port or service scanning or indexing, or other tracing functionality is prohibited on LetNet.
  • The presence of administrative services including but not limited to DNS, DHCP, WINS, RAS, MS Domain, and other administrative services on computers not registered as authorized servers with LeTourneau University is not permitted.
  • Undue use of network resources (usage which is unusually intense and/or disruptive) even when otherwise engaged in acceptable activities is prohibited.