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Personal Privacy and Messaging Services (E-Mail)

Personalized systems on campus such as e-mail and directory services are designed to facilitate communication between two or more willing participants.

  • The use of LetNet to distribute personal information about another individual without their consent is prohibited. The distribution through any means of another LetNet user's information (including account name, email address, or other information) without their consent is prohibited.
  • The use of LetNet services such as e-mail to communicate with another individual when they have, verbally or in writing, requested an end to such communication is not permitted.
  • The use of "mass mailings" to address large quantities of LetNet users via e-mail is not permitted. If someone has not personally provided you with their e-mail address then you are not permitted to include them in a group mailing. Small group mailings are acceptable so long as all group members have consented to participate in the group. Individual e-mail based on an educated guess at an address from knowledge of the LetNet standard e-mail addressing conventions is acceptable so long as it is directed to a small number of users you know and subsequent e-mails remain dependent on the continuing consent of the recipients.
  • Information Technology does not under any circumstances provide inclusive lists of student e-mail addresses. In addition, directory services which provide access to such information are designed to discourage or prevent the retrieval of large quantities of information. Users are prohibited from attempting to manually assemble such limited information into a broader database of any kind. As part of our services, Information Technology may distribute official communication on behalf of LeTourneau University via e-mail or other method to all users as necessary to communicate critical or timely information on issues affecting our user community but such opportunities are not provided to any third parties.