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Living at LETU

LeTourneau University provides an educational setting that is distinctive. Emphasis is placed on high academic standards, problem-solving experiences, and spiritual development centered on our faith in Jesus Christ. By choosing to study at LETU, you have also agreed to live by certain guidelines. For more information on these guidelines, please refer to the Student Handbook.


Chapel services are held in the Belcher Chapel Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week from 10:50 to 11:30 am, with additional evening chapel services held at various times throughout the year.

Attendance Requirements

  • All LeTourneau students enrolled in twelve or more credit hours are required to receive a minimum of 38 Spiritual Formation Credits each semester.
  • The only students wholly exempt from Chapel will be those continuously enrolled in twelve (12) or fewer hours.
  • Each student is required to keep track of his or her own Chapel attendance. The official Chapel attendance records may be found at MyLETU.


Residence Life & Housing

Residence Life offers more to your university experience than providing a roof over your head and a place to study. Those within your living area may soon become like family. The family attitude is more than just personal, it is spiritual. You become bound by the unity found in Christ. As a result, we hope you will develop life-long friendships, a sense of belonging, love, and worthiness.


LETU offers students numerous housing options, including dormitories, apartments, and housing for married students.

HOUSING PERSONNEL: If you have any problems or issues with your roommate, living arrangements, etc., you should go through the proper channels. Below is a listing of the personnel available to you.

  1. Resident Assistant
    • Your area will be assigned a Resident Assistant (RA).
    • He/She is responsible to lead residents in developing an atmosphere that will help each student in spiritual, academic, and social growth.
    • As representatives of the Office of Student Affairs, they are also entrusted with the responsibility to see that all regulations concerning housing and conduct are maintained.
    • The RA lives on the floor with the students.
  2. Chaplain Intern
    • A Chaplain Intern is assigned to each floor and oversees and encourages the spiritual life of the students in the living areas.
    • The Chaplain Intern serves as an extension of the Spiritual Life Office in the student living areas of LeTourneau University.
    • The Chaplain Intern will assist in the promotion of Christian faith and life within the LeTourneau community, particularly within the living area in which he or she resides.
  3. Resident Director
    • The Resident Director is a full-time, live-in, professional staff member of the Department of Student Affairs, under the direction of the Dean of Students, and the immediate supervision of the Associate Dean for Student Life.
    • The Resident Director works directly with students in developing comfortable living environments and assists individuals in their personal development.
    • Each Resident Director is directly responsible for the Resident Assistants within their living area.
  4. Associate Dean for Student Life
    • The Associate Dean for Student Life, under the direction of the Dean of Students, is responsible for providing structure to the Residence Life program, providing leadership to the Resident Directors, and providing guidance in the discipline process.


SUMMER HOUSING: Applications are available in the Office of Student Affairs beginning in March.

WINTER BREAK HOUSING: The campus and residence halls are CLOSED during winter break. Please plan on finding another place to stay during the break. If you need help finding housing options, please contact the International Student Advisor and/or Student Affairs.


Technology Services

LeTourneau University provides students, faculty, and staff with many technology services available through LetNet, the LeTourneau Network. Services are accessible from a variety of access points, including on-campus residence halls, academic locations, and remotely via the internet.


The information Technology Help Desk provides assistance to users with problems or questions related to campus computers, networks, phone systems, and LETU services such as MyLETU Courses (Canvas), MyFiles, Webmail, and others.

  • Website: The Information Technology website is available at and contains more detailed information about technology at LeTourneau University. The site contains a knowledge base, FAQs, support resources, instructional references, news, project information, policies, and staff contact information.
  • Email: Requests for support should be sent via email to
  • Phone: Requests can be made to 903.233.3500 or toll-free at 866.TEC.LETU. The Help Desk line is answered during the hours listed on the Information Technology website.


LetNet accounts provide all students an access to LetNet resources using the same user name and password used to access the MyLETU Portal ( during the application process.


MyLETU Courses (Canvas) is an online extension of LeTourneau University courses. Every student attending LeTourneau University is automatically enrolled into course sites according to their registered schedule. Students use their LetNet account to access MyLETU Courses at


Every student attending LeTourneau University is automatically assigned a LeTourneau E-mail account. Faculty and Staff communicate to students via this email address. You should check your LETU email regularly. Please note: every student is responsible for reading their email on a regular basis and will be held accountable for official University communication sent through electronic mail, voicemail, and campus mail.


Wired Ethernet jacks are available for each residential student in each residence room. Wireless access is available to all registered students and is available in all residential locations, all academic locations, and in other areas around campus as documented on the Information Technology website. Please select "Wireless" under the "Services" category for more information.


Internet access is available to students on campus via wired or wireless connections.


The LETU Home page provides an up-to-date list of happenings on campus as well as announcements. Setting your browser's home page to will ensure you don't miss any campus announcements. The MyLETU web portal provides access to specific information such as online course registration and change of information forms ( The LETU campus-wide calendar can be accessed at


Four general‐purpose computing centers containing PC and Apple computers are available in Longview Hall. Software available in the labs includes Microsoft Office, Web browsers, and other software required for specific courses. See the Information Technology support site for current computing center hours. Help Desk technicians are available for in‐person assistance in the Longview Hall Computing Center during the evenings and weekends. Special purpose labs are located in the Glaske Center, the Education Center, and the Abbott Aviation Center. In addition, a number of computers are available for students to use for research in the Margaret Estes Library.


There are three basic options for telephone usage:

  • Purchase a telephone instrument to plug into the outlet provided in the dorm. Long distance service is not included.
  • Use a cellular phone with a cellular phone plan that allows for international phone calls (this is the most commonly used type of telephone service).
  • You can also purchase a prepaid cell phone.


Please check with Information Technology regarding special devices that you would like to use beyond standard mobile devices (iPad, Android) and computers. For example LG Phones and some other Internet connected devices may not work through the security on our network.


Campus Security & Emergency Procedures


Please save these numbers in your phone

  • 911 Longview Emergency - use ONLY for fire, medical emergency, or crime in progress (there is no need to dial an "8" or a "9" for an outside line)
  • 903.233.4444 LeTourneau University Police - Emergency (answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • 903.237.1199 City of Longview Police, Fire, and EMS Communications Center - Non-Emergency Line
  • 800.746.7661 East Texas Poison Control Center (have all necessary information before calling)
  • 903.233.4445 LeTourneau University Health Services - Non-Emergency (9 am - noon, 1 - 4 pm; M - F)
  • 903.233.4441 LeTourneau University Police Department (Chief of Police)


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