Mail Center Forms

Forms & Forwarding Information

Shipping form (28k, PDF)

Postal form (14k, PDF) (Administrative Office Use Only)

Forwarding form (18k, PDF)

Forwarding Notes

  • Summer forwarding automatically stops two weeks before school starts in August. If you return before this time let us know.
  • The mail center cannot provide Christmas break forwarding as forwarding can take up to five weeks to deliver. Please plan ahead and have packages and mail that you desperately need sent to the proper addresses.
  • Forwarding guidelines:
    • Most USPS first class mail can be forwarded.
    • Magazines or packages cannot be forwarded to international addresses.
    • FedEx and UPS packages cannot be forwarded. The Mail Center will make every effort to contact the recipient when such packages arrive. Payment is required to send the packages to a different address.
    • Mail will be forwarded for one year after the student has left.
    • To save time, please notify all correspondents of your new mailing address.
    • Faculty and Staff leaving the University must leave their forwarding addresses with their department. Anything coming to the university addressed to a former employee that is university business should be given to their replacement.