Office of Global Initiatives

What does it mean to be a university of global influence?

LeTourneau University graduates can be found in all corners of the world in a variety of professional pursuits. The vision at the Office of Global Initiatives is to build on that distinct heritage and help lead the university in becoming even more of a global influence where:

  • our faculty prepare our students to succeed in the global marketplace,
  • our students and alumni excel as transformational leaders and change agents in the world community,
  • our university is seen as a university of choice for international students, and
  • our university is actively engaged with key educational partners around the world.

We believe, too, that our LETU culture of hands-on learning and ingenuity combined with high ability faculty, staff, and students allows us to create unique service learning experiences that address global problems and social injustices in ways that truly help those in need.

As we create an on-campus global enviornment by equipping students and faculty with global competencies, inviting international students to be part of our campus culture, providing students and faculty with global service projects, study abroad experiences, and international development opportunities, we truly do hope to foster a university without borders.

Alan Clipperton

Associate Vice President
for Global Initiatives