Student President's Circle

While you're a student at LeTourneau, you have the amazing opportunity to begin fostering an attitude of gratefulness while gaining access to helpful information that could aid in your success post-graduation. We are offering our students a membership into the Student's President Circle where you will get a monthly financial talk to help you prepare to be a good student but also an incredible community member. 

Why Should You Join?

  • Monthly Talks with Community Speakers on topics such as:
    • How to Budget in College/Life (I'm supposed to budget?)
    • Paying off Student Loans (That's like way down the road...or is it?)
    • Is Grad School Worth it? (Is that really a concern?)
    • Credit Scores (Credit Cards all the way! Oh wait...)
    • Buying a House ( day)
    • Cost of Getting Married or Having Children (They cost??)
    • MORE!
  • Networking Opportunities with Local Business Owners and Companies
  • An invitation to the prestigious President's Circle Dinner where you will rub elbows with some of our top donors for the university and learn what it looks like to give post-graduation.


Don't worry. You aren't just limited to giving to Student Scholarships. You can give your yearly $19.46 to any of the following areas as well to join!

  • Annual Scholarship Fund (Of course)
  • Your friend's Senior Design Team (oh yes)
  • Your club or organization (Cool)
  • Your major's School (Could be)
  • Even your floor funds! (Floor competitions, here we come)

Our First Meeting will be in September, and we don't want you to miss out. Be sure to sign up today and make your pledge to the Student President's circle! 

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