Women In Aviation: Joy Cooper

Year at LETU:Junior
Major: Air Traffic Control

What drew you to aviation?
My dad was a commercial pilot and told me many stories of the adventures of flying. I love adventure and a good challenge. Aviation met those ideals, and now I am a pilot graduating with a degree in Air Traffic Control.

What do you want to do with your degree once you graduate?

I would love to work at a higher level airport in the control tower. After I graduate in May, I am going to Denver, CO, to get my Airline Dispatcher Certificate and will work as a dispatcher until the FAA hires me as a controller. (Which could take 1-2 years)

What would you tell a young girl who might be interested in a career in aviation?

Go for it! Aviation is challenging and very fulfilling, but to get in a plane and fly through the air by yourself is a feeling that is indescribable.

What is the best thing about LeTourneau University's aviation programs?

LeTourneau's aviation programs require hard work and dedication. They allow students to be held to a higher standard that eventually makes them better pilots, mechanics, and controllers. Each of the teachers is willing to help the students understand the material and will take time out of his/her busy schedule to explain a difficult topic. LeTourneau expects a lot from their students but also gives their best to make the students the best they can be.

Have you or will you have any unique opportunities during your time at LETU?

Each of my unique experiences has been with my interactions with LETU's aviation community. Last year, Miss Teerink and a few of us aviation ladies attended the Women in Aviation Conference, and we had a blast! We celebrated the scholarships that many of us won and enjoyed hanging out with each other outside of our normal school relationships. Another fun experience I had was mentoring a group of aviation freshman. I love watching them pursue their dreams and become a success. It is one thing to watch yourself complete classes and get your license, but it is quite another to watch those you have mentored mature and become successful in what they love. I would have to say my best experience here at LETU is simply the aviation community.

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