Women In Aviation: Grace Peterson

Year at LETU:Junior
Major: Aeronautical Science Missions Aviation Concentration

What drew you to aviation?
The Millville Airshow I went to as a freshmen in high school. I talked to a Marine fighter pilot, watched the Blue Angels and my life was changed!

What do you want to do with your degree once you graduate?
I would like to go to Alaska and work in their Build-a-plane program. The schools hire airplane mechanics and flight instructors to work with the students as part of their high school education.

What would you tell a young girl who might be interested in a career in aviation?

It is hard work. There are a ton of opportunities out there that go way beyond being an airline pilot or flight instructor. Do your research. If you want to fly go for an intro flight, see if you like it! Don't be afraid to go for the unusual and don't be afraid of it not working out.

What is the best thing about LeTourneau University's aviation programs?

Hands down the professors! I promise they did not tell me to say this! Honestly I feel like I have real relationships with just about every one of the faculty members. They genuinely want to invest in your life, see you thrive spiritually and excel academically and after graduation.

Have you or will you have any unique opportunities during your time at LETU?

Hahaha oh yes! After freshmen year I went to Alaska with Miss Teerink for my Vision Trip. We did a Bible/flight camp for the native children in isolated villages in the Arctic circle. It was a life-changing trip. This semester I have been flying with Mr. B and we have done our fair share of spins. I feel like I am playing in the sky! (Now this is not a typical flight course, but it's still awesome!)

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