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LETU Engineering Students to Showcase 2018 Rube Goldberg Inventions



LeTourneau University engineering students will demonstrate their Rube Goldberg inventions during a demonstration at 3 p.m. Thursday, March 29, in the Belcher Gymnasium in the Solheim Arena on the LETU campus, 2100 S. Mobberly in Longview. The event is free and open to the public.

Three teams of engineering students in an advanced analog electronics class will demonstrate their creativity and design prowess with new inventions using numerous energy transitions to accomplish a simple task. Many of the students will have spent the entire night before the event setting up their complex Rube Goldberg demonstrations. The students are in the class being taught by associate professor of electrical engineering Oscar Ortiz.

The three teams are as follows:

1. The Longview Goldberg Nutcrackers -- Offshoot from Moscow Ballet Nutcracker
Bringing the Longview Nutcracker to the Solheim stage, we are featuring a special Throwback Thursday, using many types of toys from ages past in a brilliant show of skill and choreography. In this one-time showing, performances by the colorful Marbleworks, the beloved Hotwheels, and the electric racetrack will all accompanied by minor pyrotechnics. The grand finale will crack the most difficult of all nuts, the pistachio! By: Matthew Stevenson and David Trost

2. Electronic Propaganda
Are you tired of your boring lackluster signs? Are people passing up your message? Now you can gather crowds through the magic of electricity! And gravity! With a sequence of over 20 energy transfer steps that repeat forever, you're guaranteed to captivate an audience! Using a unique system of mechanical structures controlled by electrical systems, people will gather to witness the spectacle of your electronic propaganda. By: Kyle Bryan and Preston Modesto

3. Alien Hunter
Take a trip through space on our alien-hunting Rube Goldberg marble machine. With the press of a button, our machine can easily destroy any alien traveling through space with a sequence of 30 steps using advanced electro-mechanical energy transfer devices and photon guns. In the end of the series of complex energy transfers, 2000 volts and a miniature flame will save the human race from an alien invasion. By: Andrew Harlan, Ryan Roden and Prabodh Jhaveri

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