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LETU Theology Professor Published New Book on Isaiah


LeTourneau University theology professor Dr. Wilson de Angelo Cunha has published his first book titled LXX Isaiah 24: 1-26:6 as Interpretation and Translation: A Methodological Discussion (Septuagint and Congate Studies). The book is an academic monograph in the prestigious Septuagint and Cognate Studies series published by the Society of Biblical Literature's SBL Press.

"Dr. Cunha is representative of our excellent theology faculty at LeTourneau University," said theology department chair Dr. Pat Mays. "The publication of Dr. Cunha's book indicates he is recognized as a scholar and expert in Old Testament studies. But, there is much more to Dr. Cunha. He is a personable, engaging professor, who connects well with students from many backgrounds and different majors. His teaching makes the Bible come alive for his students. He is a true teaching scholar."

The book sells for $47.95 hardcover and $29.66 paperback on Amazon.com.

"My book attempts to explain why the Greek version of Isaiah, also known as LXX, differs so much from its Hebrew counterpart," Cunha said. "After a careful comparison of the Hebrew and Greek versions, and after a close reading of the Greek version independently from the Hebrew, my book argues that the differences in the Greek find their basis in the unique way by which the author of the Greek version read the Hebrew text."
Cunha said this book is a revision of his doctoral dissertation.

"I chose this topic for a number of reasons," Cunha said. "One of them is that Greek Isaiah, being composed in the 2nd BCE, stands at the crossroads between Old Testament and New Testament studies. As such, I study Greek Isaiah from the perspective of reception history, asking questions as to how the ancient scribe read the book of Isaiah in Hebrew.

"On the other hand, I study Greek Isaiah as the literature that is being studied and received by Early Christians as they seek to interpret what has just happened in Christ in the light of the Greek version of Isaiah," he said.

Cunha said he hopes to write a follow up to this volume that deals with the historical background of the scribe/translator that produced the Greek version of Isaiah.
"My dissertation has identified at least four different groups at play in the Greek of Isaiah 24:1-26:6," he said. "It would be nice to ascertain the identity of each of those groups in the historical setting of the translator."

Cunha said the book was mainly written for master and doctoral students of LXX Isaiah, as well as for scholars in the field, however, he says anyone can benefit from reading the historical review of LXX Isaiah studies, which started in the 1800s, from the first chapter of the book.

The Society of Biblical Literature is the oldest and largest international learned society devoted to critical investigation of the Bible from a variety of academic disciplines. Founded in 1880, it focuses on the finest biblical scholarship, providing resources for university classrooms and biblical scholars worldwide.

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