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LETU to Offer Free, Public Science Seminars on Thursdays


LeTourneau University School of Arts and Sciences offers free, weekly science seminars at 11 a.m. Thursdays in the Berry Auditorium of the Glaske Science and Engineering Building, unless otherwise stated. A video of the seminars are available about a week after the event at http://www.letu.edu/_Academics/Arts-Science/chem-phys/
"This semester's seminars offer a spectrum of scientific research efforts ranging from the very small, quantum mechanical properties of electrons modeled with computers, to the very large, geological formations and petroleum products," said LETU chemistry professor Dr. Gary DeBoer, who arranges the seminars. "Presenters themselves range from undergraduate students presenting their summer research to scientists well established in their field. Despite this diversity, they share a common unity of celebrating science through the sharing of discovery. "
The Fall 2013 seminar schedule is as follows:


5 Reduction of metal oxides by heating graphite or multi-walled carbon nanotubes in a microwave oven LETU students Derek and Melinda Hoyt from the LETU Departments of Engineering and Chemistry and Physics, respectively, will present work they did this past summer working at the Ames National Laboratory where they studied the reduction of a variety of metal oxides under various conditions to determine practical limits of the reducing power of graphite and carbon nanotubes under microwave heating. From these studies proposed chemical mechanisms were developed.

19 Experience Mathematica in Education
Brenda Marshall, academic account executive at Wolfram Research, Inc. will present an overview of the latest revision of a software package, Mathematica 9, for education across disciplines from concept to classroom to clusters. All attendees will receive an electronic copy of the examples which can be adapted to individual projects.


3 Wheels
LETU student researchers Matt Sturm, Emily Tutt, Ben M. Jonah, and biomechanical engineering professor Melanie Watson, will discuss the Wheels program which provides research to improve wheelchair design for pediatric patients across the globe.

10 Petroleum Engineering, Opportunities for Chemical Engineers
Chemical engineers are in high demand. Petroleum engineer Solomon Inikori with Shell Oil will discuss the boom in chemical engineering due to recent advances in hydraulic fracturing. Petroleum engineering is a sub category of chemical engineering.

17 Computational Molecular Physics at LeTourneau
Student Josiah Cochran and Professor Edward Hamilton in the Department of Physics will present on rotational quantum states.

24 Computational Chemistry at University of North Texas
LETU chemistry student Ben Hovda spent the summer at UNT working with famed computational chemistry professor Angela Wilson's group working on computational chemistry


7 Drugs and the DEA. Have you been tested yet?
Senior forensic chemist Tamara Dallabetta-Keller from the Drug Enforcement Agency's South Central Laboratory in Dallas will speak on methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and other newer drugs being abused. She will give insights into the effects and possible long-term issues associated with habitual drug abuse.

14 Water Quality in Agriculture and Its Increased Demand for Food Production
Proxy-Clean Products representative Mary Katherine Foy will speak about the demand for water and need for clean, quality water for agricultural industries working to increase production to feed an increasing world population.

21 Some Mathematical Models for the Spread of a Religion
LETU mathematics professor Curtis Wesley will show how the spread of a religion through a population can be modeled mathematically. He will share current research into the field of mathematical modeling and computer simulations.


5 Life in Extreme Environments: Molecular Mechanism of Archaeal Protein Translocation
Jarvis Christian College biology professor Shakhawat Bhuiyan will discuss his NSF-grant funded research on immune dysfunction in space environments. His research seeks to enrich scientific understanding of the molecular mechanism of signal peptide interactions.
Updates and more details on the full seminar schedule can be found at www.letu.edu/chemphys. Opinions expressed by the speakers at seminar are their own and should not be taken as official positions of LeTourneau University

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