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LETU names Daniel Ostendorff to teach history, political science


LeTourneau University has hired Daniel Ostendorff as assistant professor of history/political science.

Ostendorff holds a Bachelor of Arts in biblical and theological studies from John Brown University and a Master of Arts in modern history from Queen's University of Belfast, graduating from both with honors. His doctoral degree in history, expected to be completed in Fall 2013, will be from St. Cross College, University of Oxford.

"We're excited to have Daniel join our department," said Dr. Bobby Johnson, LETU chair of the History/Political Science Department. "Daniel's academic credentials are excellent. With his background as the son of missionaries and his many years of living and studying abroad, he will bring a wealth of cultural knowledge and experience to our new international studies program. He's a wonderful person who knows universities like ours, and I know he is going to really connect with our students."

Longtime LETU history/political science professor Dr. Paul Kubricht is doing a phased retirement and will only be teaching part time this year.

Ostendorff views history as more than a general timeline of events.

"Developing the disciplines and skills that come with the study of history will strengthen a student's work in other areas by learning to question sources, motives and context," Ostendorff said. "Christ-centered education is fundamentally about equipping students to engage the world God has created with critical thinking and analysis, to both worship and work in greater ways for His glory."

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