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LETU Biblical Scholars Present at Worldwide Conference


LeTourneau University theology professors Dr. Viktor Roudkovski and Dr. Kelly Liebengood shared their research in biblical studies with other specialists in their fields of study from all over the world this summer at the International Society of Biblical Literature in St. Andrews Scotland, July 7-11.
Liebengood organized and chaired a discussion by scholars from the United Kingdom and Spain on a recent book titled "Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory" by Markus Bockmuehl, who provided an introduction and response to the two-hour session.
Liebengood also presented a paper titled "Confronting Roman Imperial Claims: Following the Footsteps (and the Narrative) of 1Peter's Eschatological Shepherd" which discussed whether the epistle of 1Peter encourages readers to accommodate to the Roman Empire or not. Liebengood presented during a session featuring papers from theologians from Biola University, Baylor University and Northwestern College.
Roudkovski presented a paper called "Sojourners on the Way: Theological Correlation between 1 Peter and Mark's Central Section (Mark 8:27-10:45)." In his paper, he initiated the discussion on whether the New Testament text in 1 Peter is informed by the Gospel tradition enshrined in the central passages of the book of Mark.
"Over the years, the passion narratives of the Gospels have been treated as the narratives that inform the thought and the literary world of 1 Peter," Roudkovski said. "In my work, I show numerous places that intersect between 1 Peter and Mark's central section, arguing that the latter should play a more significant role in discussions of the authorial strategy of 1 Peter."
Roudkovski's panel included presenters from the University of Notre Dame, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Dominican University College, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and Patten University.

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