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LETU Names Matthew Henry New Dean of Innovative Education


LeTourneau University has named Matthew Henry to serve as the new Dean of Innovative Education and as the leader of the LETU's new Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning. As an administrative dean over academic technology, Henry will also serve as the senior academic technology officer, and the leader in quality control of online/blended educational delivery. In his new role, Henry will join LETU's Deans Council and continue to serve on the President's Cabinet.

Henry has served as the head of LETU's Information Technology Department as Chief Information Officer since Aug. 2009. He will continue to serve as CIO, with a shift of some of his former duties to expand the roles of others in IT.

"Matthew's technology expertise, tireless hard work, excellent character and leadership of Information Technology will serve him well in this new role," said LETU Provost Dr. Philip A. Coyle. "Matthew is an educator and an innovator. He thinks strategically and systemically and invests time and energy in the development of his staff and the advancement of LETU. He will come alongside our academic deans and faculty to assist with online delivery systems and curriculum designs to enable LETU to richly engage students online and ensure effective learning outcomes.

LETU places the ownership of degree programs, curriculum, instruction, and outcomes under the oversight of faculty who are experts in their fields. The new CITL will support the educational initiatives of LETU faculty, chairs, program directors and deans. Henry's work will insure quality academic programs and delivery of those programs honor the content expertise of the faculty and enable the students to achieve the learning outcomes desired.

Henry will be the lead strategist in leading LETU in the appropriate direction for academic disciplines as related to emerging academic technologies. He will be responsible for the operational budget of nontraditional education and serve as a voice for LETU's Office of the Provost in matters related to nontraditional education.

LETU's new Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning will serve as a hub for nontraditional instruction at LETU in any venue or delivery system, including on-ground, online, and hybrid or blended programming.

Henry will also oversee innovative instructional techniques such as flipped classrooms and problem-based learning. He will also be involved in faculty development and technology training in partnership with the Associate Provost-Dean of Faculty Dr. Steve Mason.

The CITL will be located in the LETU library and will include offices for the Director of Curriculum Design and Technology, the Director of the Learning Resource Center, four Academic Technologists, a Faculty Instructional Videographer, Coordinator of Curriculum and Resources, and the CITL Administrative Assistant.

Joining the CITL and reporting to Henry will be Director for Curriculum Design and Technology Dr. Colleen Halupa. LETU's new Director of the Learning Resource Center Leslie Bowman and the Academic Technologists Tommy Gober will also join the CITL team. Rounding out the new department will be Coordinator of Curriculum and Resources Lauren Hammer and Administrative Assistant Denise Bailey.

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