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Insurance CEO Bill Henry to Speak on Merging Faith and Work April 17


LeTourneau University will feature CEO Bill Henry of MHBT, one of the largest independent insurance firms in Texas, to speak on merging faith and work during a special chapel service at 10:50 a.m. Wednesday, April 17, in the S.E. Belcher Jr. Chapel and Performance Center, 2100 S. Mobberly Ave., in Longview.

The event is free and open to the public.

Henry received his Bachelor of Business Administration in money and banking finance from Texas Tech University in 1970 before serving in the national accounts division of Texas Employers’ Insurance Association. Rising to manager in 1979, Henry handled accounts from some of the largest companies in America. Henry co-founded McQueary & Henry in1983, overseeing its growth and development of the small insurance agency, moving up from secretary-treasurer in 1983 to president in 1987.

A partnership between his company and Bowles/Troy and Associates made the agency one of the most successful in all of Texas. Henry became chief executive officer of MHBT in 1996. In this position, he supervises offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Lubbock. Henry is also a member of LeTourneau University’s Center for Faith and Work Advisory Council.

LeTourneau University’s Center for Faith & Work was founded in 2011 to reflect a burgeoning “faith at work” movement to help the employed—and unemployed—find God beyond church doors. The Center’s website, www.CenterforFaithandWork.com, assembles resources, tools, and curriculum for churches, students, and the global Christian community to equip and connect them to live out their faith in the workplace. Foundational to the Center is the notion that God values good work well done.

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