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LETU Computer Programming Team Wins First, Sixth


LeTourneau University Programming Teams took first place and sixth place in the Abilene Christian University (ACU) Invitational Programming Competition on Friday, April 28, 2012.In the final of three monthly competitions, LeTourneau University's team "The Oncelers" took first place overall and team "UniversityLETU.getCoders" was in sixth place.The competition involved nine teams from the regional schools of ACU, Trinity University, and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. The Oncelers" team included Joseph Wallace, Daniel Rothfus, Micah Shennum, and alternate Terry Penner. The "UniversityLETU.getCoders" team included Mark Smullen, Hazen Johnson, Ethan Sikes, and alternate Spenser Bray.The competition consisted of three four-hour rounds. For each round the teams were given eight problems to program. Each team of three is only allowed to use one computer, making team work essential. The winning team solves the most problems in the shortest amount of time. Team "The Oncelers" competed six of the eight problems, beating the top ACU team, which also completed six problems but took longer to do so. Each incorrect submission to the judges results in a time penalty for the team.For the past 20 plus years, LeTourneau University programming teams have participated in international and regional programming competitions. A collection of trophies and plaques in computer Science offices attest to a winning tradition.

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