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LETU to Launch New Mathematics Degree Concentrations in Fall 2012


LeTourneau University plans to expand its mathematics department beginning Fall 2012 with three new concentrations.

One of the new concentrations is Financial Mathematics. This new concentration blends a solid mathematics degree with business courses to equip students for jobs in state and federal government, brokerage firms, banking, pharmaceutical firms, and international finance.

Another new concentration is in Biomathematics, which combines mathematics, biology, and chemistry to solve biological problems. This concentration can be taken by either mathematics or biology students, and sets students on track for employment in government, higher education, pharmaceutical companies and other medical fields.

The third new concentration is in Applied Statistics. Focusing on the analysis of data, the degree plan provides courses in statistics, mathematics, and computer programming. Graduates can use this degree in workplaces such as government agencies, insurance, pharmaceutical and research firms.

All three of these new math concentrations also will prepare students for continued education at the graduate level.

"I think we underestimate the number of areas in which mathematical expertise is essential," said Dr. Larry Frazier, LETU's dean of Arts and Sciences. "This widespread need combined with the relatively low number of individuals graduating with this expertise will place our graduates at a distinct advantage when going into the job market."

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