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LETU to Showcase Free Musical 'The Five Dragon Daughter' Monday, Jan. 23


LeTourneau University welcomes the public to attend 'The 5 Dragon Daughter,' an allegorical musical play, at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 23, in the S.E. Belcher, Jr. Chapel and Performance Center on the LETU campus, 2100 S. Mobberly Ave. Admission is free.

'The 5 Dragon Daughter' is an contemporary artistic, allegorical retelling of the Gospel story through the use of music, illustrations, painting and dance. These elements are uniquely brought forth and presented in a simultaneous and engaging format that compliment one another as the story unfolds.

Consisting of 15 artists and musicians, 12 original songs and paintings, and over 400 unique illustrations, this play is a triumph of art and storytelling brought together to tell a tale of love, danger, sacrifice, and beauty that speaks into several facets of the human condition, and stirs the heart to answer questions of purpose, desire, and what it means to need a Savior.

The presentation's unique name comes from the five dragons depicted in the play. The idea for the program was first conceived in September 2010 by songwriter/artist Matt Black.

"There are conflicts, pain and trials in the story of this journey," said LETU Chaplain Harold Carl. "The main character represents Jesus Christ. The story as a whole is a representation of Christ's desire to captivate our hearts. This is a story of a love like no other, a love that conquers all: The Love of Jesus."

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