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Dr. Judy Taylor Receives Selby Award for Teaching Excellence


LeTourneau University Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Judy Taylor was presented the Robert H. Selby Teaching Scholar Award for exemplifying the highest standards of teaching excellence. Recipients are nominated and selected by faculty vote.

The Selby Award is the highest recognition the university offers for effectiveness in teaching, dedication to LeTourneau University and Christian education. Those who receive it are known for their helpfulness to students, spiritual leadership, scholarship and professional development.

The award is named after the late Dr. Robert H. Selby, a beloved LeTourneau faculty member from the 1970s who taught history, having written his doctoral dissertation on how World War II was won using R.G. LeTourneau's earth-moving equipment. Selby died at an early age of pancreatic cancer.

Taylor is known for encouraging her students to work harder and reach higher by sharing her love for learning. Her teaching style has been described as fun yet focused. She has conducted research in the past few years into the use of Mozart music during math tests to help students stay calm during tests is one of her passions.

Taylor recently co-authored a paper that was published in the Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Mathematics Education. The research suggested that attitudes of prospective teachers toward statistics had impact on student academic achievement in a senior level education course and that student perceptions of teaching methods and explanations related to teacher attitudes toward statistics.

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