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LETU Students to Serve Others During Spring Break


LeTourneau University students are gearing up to travel to Mexico and several cities in the United States to serve others during spring break. Senior aeronautical science major David Fort, who is vice president of missions for LeTourneau Student Ministries, is coordinating the mission trips. LeTourneau Student Ministries is a student-led organization of Christian ministry that sponsors spring break missions, as well as other community events throughout the year.
"These trips put students out of their comfort zones and into a place where they have to rely on God," Fort said. "Maybe it's through God providing the funding for them to go, or maybe it is through truly witnessing for the first time."

From March 13 to 21, LETU students, faculty and staff will serve others in the following locations.
In Mexico, students will travel to

• Tamazunchale - Stepping into a different world, a team of LETU students will construct a new church building for a small village in the jungles surrounding Tamazunchale.

• Fresnillo - A team of LETU students will engage in pouring foundation, building walls, and setting the stage for a new church outreach in Fresnillo.

• San Miguel de Allende - A team of LETU students passionate for kids' ministry will travel nearly a 1,000 miles to San Miguel for moderate construction, child evangelism, and outreach to children from all over the neighborhood.

• Guadalajara - Teams of LETU students will be involved in many area's of outreach including construction, medical, Vacation Bible School for children and evangelism.

• Guanajuato - A group of bold LETU students will have face-to-face interaction with fellow college students at the University of Guanajuato as they share Christ using conversational English on the university campus.

• San Luis Potosí - LETU students will venture into extreme poverty in the outskirts of San Luis and will continue local construction progress on church walls, floors, roof and bathroom facilities.

• Aguascalientes - LETU students will jump into ministry through door-to-door evangelism, interaction with children and other outreach avenues to reach this marginally Christian city for Christ.

In the United States students will travel to

• Utah - Students will partner with a college ministry and reach across cultural borders as they share Christ.

• Texas - Students will provide a Christian witness and safe transportation to other college students with a trip known as Beach Reach. LETU students will serve free pancake breakfasts and provide safe rides for those who party all night, as well as share the gospel with everyone they can find at South Padre Island.

• Ohio - Students interested in aviation maintenance will travel to MMS Aviation, in Coshocton, Ohio. Students will be directly involved in assisting with maintenance, modification, and repair of missionary aircraft.

• North Carolina - Students with a desire to serve in the mission field will travel to JAARS, a mission's aviation center, they will be involved with the repair and maintenance of missionary aircraft.

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