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MSNBC Quotes LETU Professor on Prosthetics Need in Haiti


LeTourneau University biomedical engineering professor Dr. Roger Gonzalez was quoted today in a national media story by MSNBC health writer JoNel Aleccia about the university's LEGS program that provides low-cost, durable prosthetics to amputees in developing countries. Aleccia's story focused on Haiti earthquake victims and their need for prosthetics, which matches the humanitarian purpose of LEGS. See the story here .
The Jan. 12 earthquake registered 7.0 on the Richter scale and has left an estimated 200,000 dead and thousands homeless.
The LEGS program began five years ago when undergraduate engineering students developed a low-cost, maintenance-free knee design that could be manufactured for about $15 with simple tools such as a band saw and drill press. LEGS, which stands for LeTourneau Empowering Global Solutions, is part of an ongoing senior engineering design curriculum at the interdenominational Christian university. The LEGS program has been implemented in Kenya, Bangladesh and Sierra Leone.

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