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LETU Awarded Welch Foundation Grant


LeTourneau University received $25,000 in research grants from the Welch Foundation to fund three science projects for the 2010-2011 school year. Welch grants enable LETU to fund research projects led by science departmental faculty members who can give stipends to students to work on the projects. These grants allows students to take a hands-on approach to what they are learning, giving them opportunities to use what they have learned to do research and develop new technologies.

Last year, 10 students were supported by Welch grants, and the same is expected for these new grants. The new grants will fund three projects:

· chemistry professor Dr. Gary DeBoer will lead research in computational chemistry,

· biology assistant professor Dr. Andree Elliott will study bacterial pathways to generating biodiesel fuel, and

· physics assistant professor Dr. Ted Forringer will research radio astronomy studies of the hydrogen 21-centimeter line in the atmosphere.

The grant funds the purchase of research supplies and small equipment, as well as research-related travel expenses and publication costs.

The Welch Foundation was set up to fund chemistry research by the late Texas oilman Robert Alonzo Welch in his will. The foundation serves to fund colleges and universities in the state of Texas who are involved in chemistry research, both with departmental grants and primary investigator grants. Also, each year the foundation awards a chemist for his or her lifetime achievements in the field of chemistry.

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